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XCT – Xarxa de Custodia del Territori (Land Stewardship Network)

Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori (XCT; Land Stewardship Network, in English) is a non-profit organization working to foster land stewardship as a conservation strategy for the natural, cultural and landscape resources and values of Catalonia and its surroundings, based on the participation of civil society, local institutions and, especially, landowners and land users.

Established in 2003, the XCT is a second-level organization made up of over 150 associations, foundations, city councils, enterprises and persons working in the land stewardship network.
The network has grown up to 157 member organizations, 77 land trusts, 844 stewardship agreements (June 2015), and more than 500 participants in training events and 400 events during the European Land Stewardship Week, which was held on September 2014 in Catalonia.

The successes are obvious and culminate with the incorporation of the concept of land stewardship in the Spanish Natural Heritage and Biodiversity Law, and other sector laws in Catalonia. XCT has also played an important role in the Spanish area, supporting the establishment of a State Land Stewardship Forum to promote the concept in Spain, and seeking the recognition of this conservation philosophy among institutions.