Preparatory actions - LIFE TERRACESCAPE

Preparatory actions

Preparatory actions include surveys and operational plans concerning the project implementation and are expected to ensure the successful planning of the project actions.

A.1 Baseline surveys for the elaboration of a Strategic Adaptation Plan for using Aegean terrace cultivations as green infrastructures
A Strategic Adaption Plan will be developed to facilitate climate resilience and adaptive capacity across the Aegean islands using terrace cultivations as green infrastructures, designed to meet the environmental, social and economic needs of communities across the Aegean islands. The Plan will assess the vulnerability of the demonstration sites and the sensitivity of different ecosystems to climate change, identify the climate projections for the Aegean islands, and propose action priorities based on the cost benefit ratios for restoring and re-cultivating terraced landscapes according to their contribution to local ecosystem resilience to climate change predicted impacts.

A.2 Elaboration of the Land Stewardship Plan 
A Land Stewardship Plan will be developed to prepare the ground for the elaboration and operation of the Land Stewardship Organization, by identified interested authorities, acknowledging the requirements of land management, forming a legal and administrative context along with organizational matters, as well as promoting Land Stewardship to regional and national level. In the frame of this action an Operational Plan for the operation of the Organization will be implemented, ensuring its economic sustainability.

A.3 Operational planning for the project implementation

  • Operational Plan for the effective implementation of the functional – structural interventions in order to record, classify-prioritize and provide a technical description of the proposed interventions – restorations based on the functionality and accessibility of the abandoned terraces.
  • Cultivation Operational Plan for the effective implementation of the terrace cultivation interventions aiming at planning and describing the cultivation actions, in the areas provided by the Organization. It will include the preparation and detailed description of the methods, technological, operational and administrative actions required for field cultivation. 
  • Monitoring Plan focused on key ecosystem elements including abiotic factors (e.g. temperature, air, soil and drystone humidity, organic matter), biotic factors (flora, pollinators, reptiles, small mammals, birds) and ecosystem services.
  • Business Plan of production, processing and commercialization of selected products derived from climate-smart and biodiversity-friendly cultivations, focusing on specific target markets for each product category, as well as the type of products produced for each target market.

A.4 Elaboration of the Replicability and Transferability Plan
The elaboration of the Replicability and Transferability Plan will constitute a strategic planning tool of the project, concerning the dissemination, replicability and expansion of the proposed management approach to the broader area of Andros, as well as in other Aegean islands, Greece and Mediterranean region.