The aim of the project is the restoration and re-cultivation of a prominent element of the Mediterranean landscape, the drystone terraces, aka “pezoules” throughout Greece, and “aimasies” in Andros. The main objective is the demonstration of the benefits (economic, cultural, ecological) deriving from such a prospect and its on-site multiplier application. The ultimate goal is the creation of adapted “green infrastructures” as an offset to the impacts of climate change. The project will take place in Andros Island with the aim of expanding to other Aegean and Mediterranean islands.

In summary, the project objectives are:

✔ Demonstrate climate adaptation of island landscapes using practical and smart farming methods to highlight the significance of terraces as key green infrastructure elements, pinpointing their role in limiting climatic extremities and improving resilience of ecosystems.

✔ Establish an operational Land Stewardship scheme, and a smart local products cluster, developed for the first time in Greece, involving multiple stakeholders, for the promotion of high value climate-smart terrace farming products.

✔ Demonstrate the feasibility of large-scale restoration and re-cultivation of abandoned terraces in Andros.

✔ Produce climate-smart added-value products, by establishing a smart local cluster of farmers, food and tourism businesses, to contribute to the sustainability and continuation of the approach.

✔ Promote the transferability of the entire effort to other Aegean islands, through a Strategic Adaptation Plan for agriculture, to improve their resilience to climate change impacts.

✔ Increase awareness of target groups and stimulate behavioral changes towards climate responsible attitudes.