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Municipality of Andros

The Municipality of Andros belongs to the South Aegean region and includes Andros Island and its neighboring islets. The largest towns are Andros (also known as Chora, the capital town, where the seat of the Municipality is located), Gavrio, Batsi, and Ormos Korthiou. 

It has already signed the European Mayors Agreement, i.e. the Pact of Islands Agreement indicating the Municipality’s commitment to help achieve the 20-20-20 objectives of the European Union. It has participated in various national and EU projects, with the most relevant being the LIFE ANDROSSPA project (LIFE10 NAT/GR/000637) as the coordinating beneficiary. The most important and relevant responsibilities of the Municipality within the LIFE ANDROSSPA project included actions related to the restoration of landscape elements and re-cultivation of abandoned farm land with local cultivar varieties.