Project title: Employing Land Stewardship to transform terraced landscapes into green infrastructures to better adapt to climate change

Project code: LIFE16 CCA/GR/000050

Budget: 2.694.038 €

EU contribution: 1.562.964 € (60%)

Duration: 01/07/2017 – 31/10/2022

The expected results of the project include:

✔ An effective Strategic Adaptation Plan for the agricultural sector of small Aegean island ecosystems, to provide guidance to local and regional actors.

✔ Establishment of a local Land Stewardship scheme engaging multiple stakeholders into a sustainable land management approach, and introducing the Land Stewardship initiative in Greece under an organized and effective manner.

✔ Establishment of the Agro-nutritional Cooperation of Andros, and a smart cluster, certification label for climate-smart local agricultural products, and active collaboration with the local business sector.

✔ Propagation of local crop varieties, to be cultivated at project terraces.

✔ Organization of the Andros Drystone-Wall School, with workshops and training seminars.

✔ A Good Practice Guide and a Decision Support Tool for climate-smart agriculture and climate resilient small Mediterranean islands.

✔ An extensive awareness campaign, including events, preparation of printed material and a documentary, as well as a regularly updated website and utilization of social media.