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Hellenic Agricultural Organization – DEMETER

HAO-DEMETER (former National Agricultural Research Foundation) is a non-profit research organization, supervised by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (MRDF), and governed by a Management Board and a Scientific Committee. 

Τhe Institute of Plant Breeding & Genetic Resources (IPB&GR), a research institute located in Thermi, Thessaloniki is centered on conservation of genetic resources, propagation of rare and endangered species and local varieties, plant breeding, plant protection and crop development. 

Conservation of plant genetic resources is carried out by the Greek Gene Bank (GGB) that is responsible for collection, conservation, characterization, and documentation of plant genetic resources of Greece. GGB participates in national and EU fora (ECPGR, EURISCO, etc.), as well as in networks on genetic resources conservation, undertakes expedition collections in Greece, and provides consulting to MRDF. GGB collections are conserved mainly as seed samples in cold-chamber facilities at Thermi.