Environmental Education Center of Korthi - LIFE TERRACESCAPE

Environmental Education Center of Korthi

Environmental Education Center of Korthi is one of 31 active centers of Environmental Education Centers operating in Greece under the supervision of Ministry of Education. It has been operating since 2004 in the historic complex of Aghia Triada, in the settlement of Mousiona Korthi, which is built with the traditional art of architecture of Andros.

It is developing activities addressed to students from the region, teachers and the wider local community. It implements Educational Programs for Environmental Education for students of primary and secondary education and participates in the production of supporting educational material.

The actions of the Environmental Education Center of Korthi are not only limited to educational programs. It also raises awareness and informs the citizens and teachers inside its range. It organizes workshops, training seminars for teachers, conferences and other events, aiming to promote, highlight and solve local environmental problems while developing local, national and international collaborations with universities, research institutions, other Environmental Education Centers, environmental organizations, associations and other governmental or non-governmental entities.

The role of the Environmental Education Center of Korthi in the implementation of the LIFE TERRACESCAPE project will be significant, due to its longstanding expertise in the issue of drystone. It known in Greece for its environmental education program “Drystones – laced formations of the Greece”.