Communication actions - LIFE TERRACESCAPE

Communication actions

Communication actions will focus on targeted and meaningful information to local communities and the general public on the objectives and results of project actions as well as on the exchange of knowledge between special groups and local land users. The long-term objective is to promote the preservation of the unique terraces landscape of Andros and the entire Aegean region.

E.1 Planning and implementation of project dissemination
Implementation of a broad public awareness campaign to promote the project actions and objectives related to the climate change adaption, the significance of terraces as key green infrastructure elements in alleviating the impacts of climate change and the improvement of ecosystem indicators.
Dissemination campaign will involve the production of informative material, notice boards, documentary and environmental education material to be distributed to visitors, residents and citizens of the whole country.

E.2 Ecotourism promotion
Design, development and promotion of “producing routes” that will contribute to the tourism utilization of the terraced landscapes by enhancing and highlighting the natural and cultural heritage and attracting quality tourism.